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本课程由苏格兰爱丁堡学院认证讲师/酒心智库创办人Howard Yu设计,目标是以6次线上视频课程为免税的同志建立基础威士忌知识、格兰冠威士忌酒厂制程、核心酒款品鉴介绍与销售技巧等内容,帮助威士忌销售。

This course is designed by Howard Yu, a whisky educator certified by Edinburgh Whisky Academy (EWA) in Scotland, and founder of Spirit & Wisdom, a whisky education media in Taiwan. Our objective is to build up basic whisky knowledge, tasting skill, the introduction and production process of The Glen Grant Distillery for GTR brand ambassadors via 6 online whisky training courses to strength your whisky selling capability.

威士忌培训师 Whisky Educator

学习流程  Learning Flow